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The Challenge

Wish to take up our challenge? By choosing this option
you will be taken to a map with the location you need to visit.
If you manage to do so, you will unlock out achievement rewards.

The Game

If the ordinary approches isn't for you then this is
the solution!
Make history extra fun with our games based on our gallery

About Us

We are team "Abusement Park"
We are students who are studying in different major in the University of Queensland
Some of us has their own company, but they still wants to learn new things to improve their lives
We are coming from different countries and with different religions, but we all have the same purpose which make the best webpage for our audience
We like to think about how to make a website with a good user experience from the perspective of the user
This website is our first cooperation, we will also show our best part to our target audience
This is our team, we are "Abusement Park"!

The Team

Marie Thoresen

Team Leader of "Abusement Park"!
can't live without Coca Cola!
The best Norwegian

Xuehai Ge

An IT major student, but cannot programming! Can you believe that?
Love Boost juice so much!
Chinese guys who have lowered the IQ of Chinese people!

Shraddha Pokharel

An IT major student, good student!
Water is good, thank you!
Born in Nepal, growing up in Australia!

Minhaj Hossain

Not an IT background, but he can do anything
Although I can't hear your voice, but I can hear your heartfelt wishes!
Very friendly and very humorous!

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