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About me

Marie "Maije" Thoresen

Hello, my name is Marie. I am currently studying multimedia technology and design at the University of Agder(UiA). With only one semester left before I graduate, my working life soon approaches. This site show you some of my best work within photo, web and graphic design. There are both projects I've done in my spear time and some exam project for you to see. I've done webdesign since I was about 12 and therefore have alot of experience within that aria, so I consider this to be my specialiation. Feel free to use the contact form at the bottom if u wish to come in contact with me. Hope you like what you find!


  • Bachelor in Multimedia Technology and Design



I am self educated in webdesign from the age of 12. I early started showing an interest for webdesign and have now over 10 years of experience within the subject, everything from HTML to JQuery.

Graphic Design

When I first started learning webdesign, graphic design wasn't far behind. I got myself a copy of photoshop CS2 and started learning myself the program, with help from tutorials online.


Photography is a quite new territory for me. I did not get an interest for the subject until first year at the university where photography was one of the first subjects I had.



Here you find some of my photos, to see more click on button below.

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