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Marie Thoresen

Hello, my name is Marie Thoresen and I have recently graduated from a masters degree in interaction design. This site show you some of my best work within photo, web and graphic design. There are both projects I've done in my spear time and some exam project for you to see. I've done webdesign since I was young and therefore have alot of experience within that aria, so I consider this to be my specialiation. Feel free to use the contact form at the bottom if you wish to come in contact with me. Hope you like what you find!


  • Master in Interaction Design
  • Bachelor in Multimedia Technology and Design



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Smart Supervisor

In order to demonstrate my proposed solution in my masters thesis, I created a website thats main purpose is to monitor and display data traffic on ones smart home devices. In addition, it displayes suspicious activity and alerts the user about this. The website is only a prototype and displayes no real data.

Project website for Physical Computing

This website were to illustrate and explain the process of creating the "E-mories" project for the course "Physical Computing". The website is simple and focuses mostly in information and grafical elements. Especially the header image which was created as a gif to illustrate pulsating effect which can be seen on the actual prototype.

Teaching children Elvish

For the last assignment in my webdesign course we were tasked with choosing a book that would be used to illustrate a subject for children. I choose to teach children the language of Elvish from Tolkiens middleearth or lord of the rings universe. To illustrate I naturally chose to use an illustrated version of "The Hobbit".

Discover Queensland

For the main project of "Design Studio", one of the courses in my masters degree, we were tasked with making a website using APIs from a spesific website that delivered statistics about Queensland, Australia. My team and I decided to make a website that focused on the discovery of Queensland, in witch the user were sightseeing places that were not neccesarily known touristattractions.

Website for SolveTech

New website for SolveTech. Modern one-page template with bright colors and animations.

Website for Passer

Modern and functional website for the company PASSER AS which provides cable services. They had already a design manual, so my main focus was functionality and layout.

Personal blog

This is a template I made for bloggs. I wanted it bright, but still with some color and fun. The meny under the header is a jquery toggle button and can show/hide på clicking the banner over it.This is made specially for blogg.no and works perfectly when implemented directly into their code.

My previous webpage

My previous site and layout. I personally liked this one alot, but worked for a diffrent format than now. This site is made with wordpress and have a post feed. I used this site to make design for other people for free.

Exam in visual design

This is a fictional website I made for my exam in visual design. The task was to make a design profil for a fictional company who specialized in nutrition for professional athletes. I decided to go for green and blue to have a clean and healthy feel over it. This is only the website part of the exam.

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